Sports & games

The College is committed to promote sports activities towards the all-round growth of its students. The campus has 6000 sq.ft. indoor facilities for Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Volley Ball and Badminton and out-Door facilities for Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Tennis, Ball Badminton. We have two qualified Physical Education staff to train the students.

Students sent for participating in the Inter-Collegiate Sports and games have won many trophies in various events. Our Volley ball team is an unbeaten State Champion and has won many tournaments in national level inter-collegiate matches.

Roller Skating - Gold Medal

Ms.Mirthubashini, second year student of Agriculture Engineering has won Gold Medal in the 56th National Roller Skating Championship 2018, held on 19th Dec 2018 at Visakhapatnam. She will be attending the 2020 olympic trials at barcelona, Spain.