Library History & Rules And Regulations

The centrally air-conditioned library is housed with a carpet area of 221 sq. m. with seating capacity of 100 at one time. Stacked here is an array of about 2200 titles, 14486 Volumes of books, on a variety of subjects. Many of them are rare and invaluable. The library subscribed to 63 National and International Journals and magazines. We have 546 CDs. Our library is fully computerized to cater to the needs of the students and faculty members of the college. Most of the library functions such as issue, return, reservation, searching of books are automated by using the standard library software package called NIRMALS.

Our Digital library has 10 systems with internet connectivity. Our Institution has enrolled as an Institutional member of NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) and DELNET (Developing Library Network) New Delhi, through which our students are able to access the records & database of 255 Institutions in India and abroad.

Library Working Hours

On Working Days 08.35 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.
On Holidays 08.35 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.
Before Examination days 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.
During Examination days 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.
During Vacation days 08.30 a.m. to 05.30. p.m.

Membership & Issue of Books

  • Students should bring their Identity card and scan in the gate entry software whenever they enter the library
  • Students should keep all their belongings in the rack provided at the entrance, at their own risk, only foolscap or loose sheets of paper for taking notes can be taken in to library.
  • Loss of library cards should be reported in writing to the librarian due to the misuse of their card.
  • While returning book to the library, members should ensure that their books are duly discharged.
  • Books are normally issued for fortnight to the students and for 3 months to faculty members.
  • One time renewal of books is allowed, for subsequent renewal, books are too presented physically. Request for renewal will be considered if there is no reservation for that book.
  • Books can be recalled in case of an urgent demand for the same, by other members.
  • Members should keep the library informed of any change of address during the period of their membership.
  • The librarian has power to cancel the tickets and refuse admission to anyone who violates the rules & of the library or indulges in any other type of misconduct.
  • Members should return all books from library before proceeding on semester holidays.

Condition of Loan

  • Library card is not transferable.
  • The borrowed is fully responsible for the books borrowed in his/her card.
  • Absence and illness are not an acceptable excuse exemption from paying an overdue charge.
  • No Books shall be returned on the date of loan.
  • Students can return the books for a maximum period of 14 days. A fine of re.1/- per day of delay will be levied in respect of books returned late.
  • If students do not renew/return the books issued against their name within a week of its due date, their borrowing facility may be withdrawn for a fortnight.
  • If the librarian consider that borrower has not returned the books within reasonable time of its due date as indicated in the recall notice or in the due date slip as the case may be, the borrower is liable to pay the cost of the book plus the prescribed overdue charge.
  • In case students lose the books issued to them they should report it immediately in writing to the librarian to avoid accumulation of fine. The will be allowed a grace period of one week to confirm loss in writing, to imitate the process of recovering the cost of the books after the grace period, the will have to pay the prescribed fine. The library service will also stand terminated until the settle their arrears.
  • Personal books, books already issued, note books etc. should not be brought inside the library. Only loose sheets are allowed.
  • Lending of books will be done only upon producing the library card.
  • Members who leave the college for any reason, should return the books before they leave the college

Institutional Repository: Yes

  • Question bank
  • Reference Section
  • Thesis (students projects)

News paper Clipping Service (last Three Month Availablity)

  • The Hindu
  • Tamil Hindu
  • Daily Thanthi
  • Dhinagaran
  • Dhinamalar
  • Indian Express

Library – Notice Board

National and International Conference, Workshop, student Rank Holder Award , Placement, Sports

Library Automation

Library materials and services are automated with commercial software package called NIRMALS. All the transactions are fully computerized. The bar-coded ID and the scanner are used for charging and discharging the books.

Library Resources

Books (Hard Copy) Engineering & Architecture 14486
E-books (Springer & Science Direct) 107
Total 14593

Periodicals (Hard Copy) Engineering & Architecture

National Periodicals 24
International Periodicals 8
Science & Humanities 8
Architecture 8
Magazine 13
Total 63

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