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  • 71st Republic day celebration
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Today the world has shrunk into a microcosm of endless opportunities, challenges and achievements. How we prepare ourselves for these challenges decides our future and how we perform today makes or future. EDUCATION is the watchword that decides and makes our future a kaleidoscopic. Education drives away ignorance, emboldens a man to a righteous thought and action, empowers woman and enlarges her vision to a higher and wider horizon, enables a person to earn his living, energizes a society and soon…. The advantages of being educated are myriad. Education is an experience, an experience of learning. Educational institutions are no more "Study Centers" but Citadels of Learning. Our institutions located in an idyllic and panoramic atmosphere are “Citadels of Learning” that aims at opening a world of knowledge, learning, opportunities, skills and challenges to the future pillars of the nation. We propose to provide the best of knowledge through a holistic learning experience with the future in focus. Read More